My name is Bethany! Now, there must be a reason why you clicked on this page if the name “senoritaqueso” drew you in!

I can explain this page pretty easily.

  1. I like cheese(although anyone who knows me would say I am obsessed)!

Now you may be wondering why the name is in Spanish and this post it not(besides the “Hola”)! I am currently a Spanish major in college! I love Spanish! I would like to say I am fluent right now, but I am not! I can understand and read Spanish better than I can speak it. I am really trying hard right now to learn all the Spanish, and to speak it better!

If you are still reading at this point, you might be wondering what this blog will be about! I am just going to write about things I like! This will include reading/books, cooking/baking, language learning, and many other things! I will also write about life things, like college, fun things, and many other things!

**Look at the Categories list on the right hand side of the screen to see what you would like to read about!

I hope that you enjoy reading! Espero que coma queso!




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