Language Learning: 11/4-11/10


This week in language learning, I wanted to complete:

1) Read “Diario de Greg: Un pringao total” to page 110.

2) Get through lesson 5 in “Get Programming: Learn to Code with Python”

For the first goal, I read through page 82, which was really good. This book is the first book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, but in Spanish. I have read through one book in Spanish, but that was about a year ago, and with this one, I am not stopping to look up each and every word I do not know. If I do not know a word, I simply circle it with a pencil. I may go back later, but usually the word is repeated enough in different contexts, then I finally catch on to the meaning. I feel that this message is very effective.

My final goal with number two is to see if learning a programming language is the same as learning a foreign language. I picked Python because it is a program language used in linguistics, so I figured it might be the closest. I did complete this goal in total.

Next week’s goals:

1) read “Diario de Greg” up to page 110

2) Go back through the programming book and write down the important information from the previous chapters

3) Go back through “Language Hacking French” by Benny Lewis, chapter 1 (which I did a while back, but do not remember).


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