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2018: Graduating College & The Next Steps in my Life


It has been a few months since I have last posted to I thought I would make an update post. In my previous post I said I would continue on with going through the cities I visited in Spain, and I think I will still do that. My life has been pretty boring, probably due to the fact Spain was so exciting and now everything pales in comparison. I have trying to think of things to do and remembered this blog. I started this so I could practice Spanish, and I hope to continue that, but now I will use it more of a time filler.

I do have some exciting news, though. I am going to be finishing college this semester! I have completed college in three years! I really should be graduating next Spring, but this saves a lot more money, and I have all the classes I need to graduate. I will be receiving my Bachelor’s in Spanish and a minor in communications. In order to do this, I am taking 18 credits to reach the 120 goal. I have to take these three classes: advanced composition and grammar in Spanish,  advanced translation (those two to finish my major) and organizational communication (online, which I am taking to finish my minor). The last three classes are electives: French 200, children’s literature, and Spanish conversation and diction. While it may seem like it is a lot to take on, the work has not been too bad so far and hopefully it will continue that way.

The next question that people probably have is: What is next after graduation? When I was little I attended a Montessori school for seven years. I absolutely love the way that schooling is set up. It was such an amazing experience and I would like to give other children that same experience. I thought I would go to Montessori training this summer, but then a school offered to let me aide during summer school, and even possibly the next school year. I think this is a great opportunity, that way I will have a job, and be in an environment that I enjoy. If I absolutely love it, I could then train the next summer.

I still want to continue my language learning the most. If I take the aiding position, I feel like this will be the perfect way to spend my free time by continuing my language learning. My Spanish has greatly improved, but I want to build more vocabulary. I also want to continue learning French, and I want to learn Italian. Maybe one day I will be a polyglot. That’s the real goal haha.

I am excited to get to learn languages on my own. While I thinking schooling is the best thing in the world, I also am SO DONE taking tests and quizzes and being assigned things that I do not want to particularly do. I will say that at least school MAKES me make time for studying languages. One thing I do not want to do is fall into a routine where I do not learn languages. I am ready to be done with school, not because I am done learning, but because I want to continue learning on my own.


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