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Children and Language


I have started working at a summer school with children and it is going very well! It is very easy for me to talk with children, and the most interesting thing about that is how they talk.

I have noticed a big “problem” with how they use the past tense. In English, many words end in “-ed” for example, “walked” “talked” “stopped”. With the some what “irregular” English endings of verbs such as “to cut” and “to have” the children think they need to follow the same pattern as they do with more “regular” verbs. For example, when the students get in line, a common thing that can be heard is: “Hey! You cutted me!” In this case, the past tense of “to cut” is “cut”. So they should say: “Hey! You cut me!” With “to have”, one might think that they would get this right since it ends in a “d”, but really they say: “haded”, when they should really say, “had”. An example they say is: “I haded it yesterday”.

I think language acquisition is very interesting. Many people probably would not pick up on things like this, but for me, whenever someone talks, I analyze what they say and how they say it. Even their voice, for example, I only watch half the Youtubers I watch because I like how their voice sounds, but from the point of view of studying it.


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