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Spain Was Great!


Well! It has certainly been a while since I have posted! If you have read my previous posts from really the last seven to eight months, I talk a lot about going to study abroad in Spain! The experience was amazing! It was never my intention to post while I was there, but now that I am back, I think I will post about each of the five cities I went to while in Spain.

I did keep a word document journal whilst I was there, so I remember what happen each day! Overall, studying abroad in Spain was an absolute dream that I enjoyed it every much. It was probably the biggest thing I did in my life because it was the first time I really left my home and family, and it was all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! It made me a lot more independent and confident. I met some great people there and the biggest lesson I learned there was to live in the moment. While there, I did not worry about the past or the future, but I lived in the present moment. If anything, that is what I want to continue to work on being back in the place I have lived my whole life.

The whole point of going was to practice Spanish, and I definitely did that. I learned so much about the language and the difference from Mexican Spanish vs. Spain Spanish. The US is so influenced by Mexican Spanish and Culture, that it was eye opening to see a different culture that generally speaks the same language.

I am so pleased with the experience, and I believe that I will make more blog posts about it soon!



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