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Summer Update #3 & Dealing with Stressful Situations! 


I leave for Spain in 17 days! I cannot believe it! I have piles of everything I have to take, so I am ready for this experience! 

I have a lot of things to do before I can celebrate, though. There has been a family issue that my family has been dealing with these past few days, and it is a continuing process, but hopefully this will go better than these past few days have gone. Besides that, I still work and these next two weeks, I am helping my dad with his summer school of elementary students. I am happy to help and excited, but with the family situation it will be hard to space out time. 

I know I am being vague about the family situation, but here are some general tips about dealing with stressful and not normal schedule: 

  • Try to do things you would normally do. During this time I still read, try to exercise, and spending time with my family. Also, try to maintain the same types of food you would eat. When the body goes through stressful things, we tend to eat worse than usual. Try to maintain, or even eat healthlier than you have before. 
  • Try to keep a healthly thinking pattern. My dad mentioned that when people get stressed, it hurts their organs. We need to keep the healthiest body and mind we can, so just thinking about positive thoughts can help a lot. Also, do not block emotions, but just acknowledge how you are feeling, and try to look on the bright side. 
  • Remember that everything will be okay. I am a fan of the show “The Middle” that airs on ABC. In one episode, Brick, a main character, talks about a Buddha way of thinking. It basically says that you have to imange everything as already broken, lost, or gone. Once you realize and accept that your possessions or people you care about will all be gone one day, you do not to worry they will not be here one day. This thinking has helped me tremendously, because in any situation, I know things will all be okay! 

These are just some things that have helped me get through life. My mindspace wasn’t right at the end of 2016 to about February, but now, my whole out look has changed and with all the different ways I have seen people live, I want to live the healthiest life I can (even though I still still eat too much sugar haha). But you have to have a healthly mind and body, and everyone does that in their own way. Find things/ideas that work for you, and live your life to the fullest! 


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