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Summer Update #2 and How I Really Feel About Studying Abroad


Summer has been amazing so far! I have been keeping up with lots of the things I have wanted to do. I have been really into reading and for three days in a row, I completed a book each day! They were so good! Out of the three I just completed I would recommend “All in Pieces” by Suzanne Young. It was so raw and real and the characters never gave up on each other. All of her books are amazing, and “The Program” by her, is the first book that made me cry. With “All in Pieces” I literally laughed out loud, and I also cried. It was really perfect. In that book, there was also no “falling out” with the characters. That is the part I dread most about reading books. The part where something goes wrong, or the truth comes out, and the characters than make a big scene, but then end up being fine in the end. That does not really occur in “All in Pieces”, but it is still real. Cameron is also the best boy character out of any book I have ever read. You should definitely read it!

I haven’t only been reading this summer though. Someone told me one time that I read too much, and need to experience life. Well, excuse that person, cause not only have I been reading my way through life, living more lives than are even imaginable, but by the end of this summer, I will have more stamps in my passport, and a world of experience!

Recently I have gone to my state capital and the biggest city near me. I wanted to get presents for my host family in Spain from the biggest city, and the state capital is were my sister will be attending grad school. The school is so freaking perfect for her program and the housing is so cool and her style, that it makes her leaving us a little less hard. I have lived in the same house with my sister for 20+ years, but these life adventures are so exciting, I cannot contain myself! Live in the present moment and enjoy all the adventures! Also, my sister was 1 in 10 students to be accepted for the grad/masters program this year! And 1 of 2 people to be in her medium! How cool this that! Proud sister moment!

Before any of that happens, in less than a month, I leave for Spain. I have been waiting since October for this moment and now it is only weeks away! I cannot believe it! Luckily, I got enough scholarships to cover about 80-90% of the costs that it is taking me to have my month in Spain. I am very excited, but it am also very scared! Although I have been to London, Paris, and Wales before and many states in the US and a cruise by the Caribbean Islands, I am not one much for traveling. I did not think this exactly through when I signed up this experience. The biggest thing that is drawing me to do this experience is to better my Spanish skills. You do not even know how happy I will be to get to speak Spanish 24/7 for 3-4 weeks straight! I will probably cry. Let’s just get this out of the way and say that I am a person that cries a lot. I have never been away from my family/home for more than a few nights, if that. I at least have my sister with me. This is the first trip I will take away from my family. Luckily, a girl in the program through my school is taking the same flight as me and we will be in the same class in Spain. Besides that, I will have to rely on myself. I am nervous and sad and scared, but I know this experience will be the best. I will not mope around in my host family’s house, I will go out and see as much as I can. I plan to be productive every minute and use my resources to full advantage. At first I did this because since I am a Spanish major, it would look good to have study abroad experience in my target language. I now realize I am doing this for myself. I want to become independent and grow, and do all those things I have been afraid to do for so many years. I will be in charge of myself and it will be exhilarating! The first group of people left for the longer portion of this program, when that happened, it became real in my mind, and I got a little bit freaked out. My sister pointed out that I cannot freak out on the plane, or before I get on it, because they would not let me on. Others have asked why I am not doing the longer sessions. I picked to do the shorter time frame because I think that is all I can handle. I am pushing myself super hard to do the three week program(I am traveling to two other parts of Spain afterward, making it a whole month, 34 days to be exact). I feel this program is perfect for me, because I don’t want/cannot be gone from my family for too long, and I will still have the heart fulfilling joy of speaking Spanish. I realized I cannot let people talk me into things I do not want to do. You should live life doing what you want to do, without excuses or regrets. I am so excited and extremely lucky to have such a good support system and a will to live, that I get to go on amazing adventures like this. I know when I come back, I will look back on this post and I will have changed so much! Sometimes we get stuck in life and fear change, but honestly, no one day or event will ever be the same. Think about it, you might wake up at 6:30 every day, but is it 6:30 and five seconds? Or 6:30 and fifteen seconds? Or what about milliseconds? Therefore, even if you have the same routine, every day is new and has so many changes to it.

These next couple of months will lead to a world of change. Honestly, I am ready for it. Let the adventure begin!


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