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Summer 2017 Update #1


So it has been about a week since I have been on summer vacation from college! I made a post of the plans I have for this summer! So far I have focused on the Exercise and Language learning portions of the plans!

For exercising, I go to the gym, do YouTube videos, and do shows on ZLiving. At the gym I do the elliptical the most, but also leg and arm machines, and the moon walk machine. For the YouTube videos I just look up random ones. Recently I have been working out for 30mins-2 hours 5-6 times a week. On ZLiving they have yoga shows I do. I am trying to get that yoga flow down! But since I started exercising more, I have gained arm muscles and my legs have slimmed down, and my overall body is much stronger!

For Language learning, I have been focusing a lot on French recently. I also do a lot of Spanish. I play Duolingo everyday, I am on a streak of 707 days in a row! I have also been using Quizlet. What is great about that site is that you can pick the language and then it will be read in that actual language, so you can listen and repeat with ease!

Other things I have done on the plans list: gone to school with my mom, work, made oatmeal(if you put cinnamon and apples in it, it is sooo yummy!), read (I recently finished The Alchemist, and I enjoyed it, it had every good life lessons, but it has a very Siddhartha vibe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), playing piano(currently learning “I See the Light” from Tangled), spent time with my family, and I even had time to get tanning (I “tan” by sitting outside and reading) so I don’t burn in Spain! As for planning for the Spain trip, I have made a playlist to put on my iPod shuffle(haha) to listen to on the plane!

I hope your summer is going great!


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