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Summer 2017 Plans!


Here are some things I want to do during summer 2017!

  • The first one is obvious, and that is Studying Abroad! If you have seen my other posts, you know I will be studying Abroad in Bilbao this summer! I will be spending more than a month in Spain altogether!
  • Exercise! I have been really big into exercising for the past eight months and my progress, at least in strength, is amazing!
  • Language Learn! I have less than 60 days before I reach Spain, and while I language learn all year round in college, I want to hone in my skills in speaking and add more vocab to my brain!
  • Read! I also read all year round, but I have some books that are just waiting for me to engage my mind in!
  • Play Piano! I have been playing piano for many years, but I rarely find time to do it. Everyone knows that old saying that goes something like “We make time for what we want to do most.” (so the next time you say “I don’t have time” you must remember if you do not have time for it, it is not that important you, even if it is actually important! Make the right choices, kids!) So I took a piano class this past semester and really enjoyed it, and I am determined to keep it up!
  • Work. obviously, cause I need that green dough! haha
  • Try “new” foods! I want to expand my meal choices. Maybe come up with new dinner recipes! I want to try to make different combinations of oatmeal, as well.
  • Spend time with the fam! My family and I are always doing things together, and for that I am lucky! I will spend a lot of time with my sister this summer. I am hoping to go to work with my parents, who are both teachers, so I can see tiny tots and feel productive, therefore, I would be spending more time with them!
  • Live in the moment! Honestly, at the end of June, I know my life will change! Not only will I have a great time in Spain, but after that my sister is going to grad school, so we will have crazy busy lives. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so with all these amazing life events, I will cherish each one and think positively about the future, cause honestly, there is no other way to live!

This summer is going to be crazy, busy, and amazing and I cannot wait!


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