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Study Abroad is Only Weeks Away!


In less than 70 days I will be studying abroad! I cannot wait to see Bilbao! ❤

Here I will make my check list of things I have to do before then, and also a list of things I expect my experience to be like

Things to do before I leave:

  • Pack, obviously.
  • Practice Spanish! I have made myself an insane study sheet to follow for every day in May! Will I complete it? I hope so!
  • Exercise! I mainly want to do this because I will now have more time on my hands since this semester of college is ending soon. Besides work, I will have to fill up my time!
  • Get tan! Haha, this is probably the most unreasonable goal, because I will always either be as white as a ghost, or as red as a tomato. I think I will sit outside everyday for about 15 minutes or something to get tan. I really am just trying to prevent sunburn when I am in Spain!

What I expect this adventure to be like:

  • I will speak LOTS of Spanish!
  • I imagine myself exploring the street alone during the day, just taking in the views!
  • I will probably go to the beach quite a few times.
  • I will sit at little cafes and eat little, cute foods.
  • There will be children in my host family. (This will not be confirmed until two weeks before I leave, but lets hope! Little kids speaking Spanish is just the cutest!)
  • I will see The Puppy!
  • I will still fall asleep at 9pm even though the sun won’t set for another hour! hahahahahaha!
  • I will NOT get a sun burn! lol
  • By the end, I hope to have gained the confidence of speaking Spanish out loud and will be able to hold meaningful conversations! 🙂

I cannot wait for this experience!


Also, if you want to see/hear me speak Spanish, I just posted a video on the YouTube Channel, Emybookworm’s Cinema . Go check it out!

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