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Since my last post wasn’t the happiest, not that I feel anything towards that(a joke if you read the last post! ((but literally don’t feel any emotion toward the topic!))), I have decided to write this post, mere seconds after I wrote that last post. But I will set this one to post tomorrow!

I have had more free time, and I feel like I have wasted many of my weekends sitting around watching TV. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is time for a CHANGE! Since I will be in a different country in less than 90 days, I have decided I need to practice my Spanish some more!

I am a Spanish major in college, and I do take Spanish classes, but I want to practice some more. I have asked multiple people that have my same major, or that have an interest in Spanish, if they would like to practice with me. The people said yes, and then declined because they just got too busy and for whatever reason do not feel the need to practice Spanish.

This lead me to realize, I must learn/practice Spanish as a one person show! And here is how I am going to do this:

  • Watch YouTube. I already watch a lot of YouTube, but I am getting pretty bored of it, and I can literally spend my time by doing something better. People tell me to watch Spanish telenovelas, or movies in Spanish, which I do, but I have started watching YouTubers that talk in Spanish and it is way more interesting. Also on YouTube I watch cartoons in Spanish. My favorite one to watch right now is Caillou. YES I KNOW! But it is sooooo cute to hear little kids speak Spanish(&French!)
  • Vlog. I decided one way I could practicing speaking is to talk to a camera. I think I will start a Spanish vlog starting tomorrow! I will see how that goes!
  • Read books. Both aloud, and in my head. I think I am also going to start getting children’s books from the library in Spanish and then look at those.
  • Do grammar books. I seriously have so many Spanish books I have not even opened! I need to come up with a schedule for this!
  • Obviously post in Spanish on here! (I will try to do that more!)
  • Make a Schedule. I tell my self, “I will practice one hour a day”. That does not really happen, especially depending on the day. With the school work winding down, I really want to make a plan and stick to it!
  • Keep track of my efforts. I keep track of my exercising, and it really helps me get motivated to keep going! Hopefully this will be the same with language learning.

I have/am on a mission and hopefully I will complete it! Luckily, I will have lots of language exposure this summer. and more than one opportunity (hopefully!) at that!



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