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Books & Music


I have been in the mood to read books lately. This semester at college has had minimal work, so I have had time to get back into reading. With the books I recently read, I paired them with songs.

I really wanted to reread “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell. This book is nice because it shows different sides of college life, if you were living on campus. Or you could read this book because Levi is a guy every guy should strive to be. Haha. Plus, Cath and Levi’s relationship is so relatable! It is a great book overall. The first time I read it I automatically knew which song this book pairs with so well. That song is “In/Out” by Dan Croll. I feel like it sums up Cath and Levi’s relationship perfectly. The lyrics are basically a direct conversation from Levi’s point of view to Cath.

Another book I just read is “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. I have avoided reading this book since middle school because I heard it was sad. With the new Netflix series coming out about this, I figured I’d read it. Although this book is basically listening to someone end their life, I did not find it sad. Mostly because the story is basically about different stories that happened in her life, so there is not too much talk about death. The end got a tad bit sad, but it was not like the character who “helped” in her suicide could not move on. It will be interesting to watch the series. With this book, I listened to “Make me (cry)” by…. whoever sings it. BUT not the English version of this song, the Spanish one. Specifically, the one by Alejandro Music on YouTube. This version sounds much, MUCH happier in Spanish. Especially the beat at the 2 minute mark. The book felt like it had a black cloud over it, and the music video matches, so go check it out. It’s also great for practicing speaking Spanish!

Well, I have been in the mood to read lately, so hopefully I read much more in the future!


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