2017 & Back to College


It is a new year! How exciting! I am definitely one of those people that thinks time is relative, so we cannot change just because “it’s 2017”. I do, however, like having structure and having a time limits to do things. So I do have some things I would like to do in 2017. Although I cannot even come up with goals for January to write in my bullet journal, I do have some ideas that I finally want to put into action. One of these things is Language learning. Unluckily, the French class I was meant to take in this upcoming semester has been canceled due to low enrollment. 😦 But I thought maybe that this is a good thing and I can practice learning a language on my own. My projections for this is that I will learn more(?)… Well that is what I am hoping anyway! I hope I like the class I am taking instead of the canceled French class as well. I am most nervous about this gym class (which I do not actually have to take). I think it will definitely be different. I learned a lot on my three weeks off and I became relaxed and better towards the end of the break. I am nervous I will fall back into my worry wart self going back to school. I EXTREMELY hope that does not happen. Worrying is pointless, but it is something that haunts me. I found out that “distracting” myself with other things helps blind the worries. PLUS it leads to actually living life! 🙂 So here are some “goals” I want to do this year to keep myself busy with life:

1) Language Learn: A ton ton ton! I have some good plans set into motion to keep this happening!

2) Visit Spain: I am going to be Studying Abroad in Spain this year!

3) Have a more scheduled life: For example, I want to try to clean my room up every Friday. I also want to post on here and get a Language Learning schedule going!

4)Keep busy: I want to do a lot of things this year! (#vagueness)

I hope I can keep this up because with school starting again, I know there will be a lot of work to do, but I also want to focus on things I want to do as well.

GOAL HELP: Here is some advice for setting goals:

  1. Repetition is key: I love things that I have (want) to do everyday! For example, I eat an apple for breakfast everyday to aid digestion. I also play at  least one round of Duolingo everyday, I am on day 583 in a row!
  2. Write things down: I have a bullet journal that is different from a lot of peoples because I just like how it is. I write down to do lists of the day and check them off. I also keep track of the books I read and the exercise I do every month. Writing things down makes you actually want to do the activities. It has been a full three months of bullet journaling, and I actually keep up with it 🙂 If you would like to see my bullet journal go on over to the post I have about YouTube and watch the Bullet Journal vs Planner video on Emybookworm’s Cinema channel!

I hope your 2017 is GREAT!

Que tenga un bien dia!


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