It Is Worth It


So I haven’t posted on here in a while because I kept thinking what’s the point? Nobody really see this blog anyway, so it is not even worth it. With many life changes within the last couple of months I have had to try to find myself again. I didn’t think lots of things were worth the effort anymore. Recently I have been exercising a lot and have been bettering my mind and soul. I realized that lots of things are a mental game. I used to follow follow my own saying that  “it won’t matter in twenty years” to any situation I didn’t like. And while this could still be true, it’s not a very healthy way to think. I have been clearing my mind and trying to focus on positive things. Working on bettering myself is an ongoing project, but it will be worth it, because every thing that is going toward a good cause is worth it. One thing I really would like to better myself on is breaking bad habits. One I will mention just recently happened, it is helping break the bad habit of thinking negatively and  letting things get to me and letting those things effect my life. So I am part of a club and the the group worked on a project and the faculty advisor told the president of the club that the whole project was thanks to her. This is unfair statement because we all worked on the project and to say all the credit should  go to her is not right. I was going to bring it up, but then I decided not to. Not because “it won’t matter in twenty years”, but because of the saying, “you can’t control what people say, but you can control how it effects you”. Instead of taking the negative engery of the situation, I decided that I will not let it effect me. While it is not fair, I don’t have to let it effect me and I can focus on the positive energy that I enjoyed doing to the project, and it made people happy. Everything is worth it, as long as it has a positive effect. Thanks for reading!


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