My Life Events

It’s Fall


It is finally the season of fall and I am so excited! The air has turned chilly and the sweaters get to come out. The only thing I hate about fall is that long pants are back in, when I prefer capris, but on days when I get to wear my pair of boy sweat pants I don’t mind. 🙂

There have been many changes in my life, as long with the change of the season, and one way I am distracting myself is by going to the gym. I have never been “in shape” in my life or slim, so I always did YouTube exercise videos, while this helps a little, I realized that I wanted to try a gym. I go with my sister and we go at least two-three times a week. It is very nice to have something to do and somewhere else to be your activity space(if you use the geographical definition the words :)!)

Another thing I am doing is getting into reading again. I was such a book worm in all under schools like elementary, middle and high school. When college came my time was consumed up by homework, work, and other life things. Now that I have “easier” classes this semester and have more free time, I have been reading a lot more. My favorite genre of books are YA Romance books. I have recently read the DIMILY series which the 3rd book comes out in December of this year (2016). I read the first one within a week and the second one in two days! I cannot wait for the third! These books are written by a 19 year old, which I find absolutely fascinating! Also, a different author is Katie McGarry and any book by her is SO GOOD! I am also thinking of my rereading my favorite book, I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak for about the millionth time. (That book is not a YA Romance book, but it is still my favorite book of all time!)

Hope everyone has a good Fall!




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