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I Am Going to Study Abroad!


If you have seen my previous posts, you know that I am a Spanish Major in college! I feel it is necessary that every language major gets some sort of abroad experience. I feel like people have to also be accredited with living an another country that speaks their language at some point in time.

I am not a huge traveler, but I have been to various states in the US and I have been to some Central America countries. Most recently I went over seas to England and France with my family in the summer of 2013. These were great experiences, but again, traveling is not my favorite thing.

I have also not been away from my family for more than a night or two and I am very attached and emotional towards them. I feel like this study abroad opportunity will help me grow to be an independent person, while I will be very sad to leave my family.

I have found a program that meets my needs completely. It is only for four weeks and it is run through my university. I will be going to Bilbao, Spain in the summer for 2017!

I will get to be awesome highlights here:

  • There is an optional tour of Madrid(or another part of Spain) for four days. The program gets you a hotel and it takes you on a bus everywhere, so the students do not have to worry about a thing.
  • The school aspect is for three weeks and I will be taking one class that makes three hours in the morning on Monday through Friday so the afternoon and weekends are completely free for browsing the city.
  • The students will with a host family that will accommodate any needs.
  • THERE WILL BE SO MUCH SPANISH SPEAKING!  I am really excited for this one because I NEED to practice speaking Spanish A LOT!
  • The program plans a few trips for the students!

Although I am super scared to go on this adventure, I still have a great time and it will be a super awesome experience!


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