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College is Back at it again!


First off, sorry for not posting on here since August. School started up almost four weeks ago and that means it is time to be busy! This semester I took classes that have a lot of writing, and this just adds to the writing, not that I am complaining!

College this year has not been too bad so far. For the most part there is a ton of studying and writing, but besides that I enjoy being in all my classes this semester.

Another reason I have not posted is because my laptop decided to not work so we took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they “fix it” and had it for ten days and then it broke again and then they put a rush order on it because I had it back for literally four days and then it took another week to get back :/! This is DEFINITELY a bash on Geek Squad and their poopy service!

But such is life! I hope everyone is have a great fall season again! Hopefully it will get autumny soon!



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