How to Save Money in College


College is super expensive no matter where you go, but here are some tips to save some money!

Bring a lunch

  • Most people go to school during the day and need snacks or a lunch during the day! Instead of buying lunch from the cafeteria, or buying snacks from the vending machine (although it is super fun!) bring your own snacks or lunch with you. This can also help when you are in that one boring class and need to stay awake with a snack!

Get a Job

  • Although this is not really a way to save money, it can help you pay for things so you have money for those college expenses!

Buying Textbooks

  • Textbooks are super expensive, so try to rent textbooks as much as possible!
  • *****This is a super AMAZING tip!***** Most textbooks nowadays have a code with them to access online information and homework. These textbooks are SUPER expensive, but I have found a way to avoid them! When you sign up online with these books there is always an option to buy the code online through the company, which is actually cheaper! So rent the required text book and then buy the code online! This will save you sooooo much money!

Reuse Notebooks

  • If you have paper left over in your notebooks, then use them for the next semester, and for different topics.

I am sure there are tons more of great idea for saving money during college, but these are just some of them! 🙂


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