How to Organize for College


With the Fall 2016 semester approaching, I thought I would write the ways I get organized and prepared for a new semester!

The first thing I do is print out my schedule and put it in the front slip of a binder. This is really helpful for the first week when looking for classrooms. In that binder I keep the syllabus for all my classes and extra papers.

I get a notebook for each class for note taking. I like the binded ones  that the paper cant come out off easily. If I do not use the whole one for one class, I will use it next semester and have the class titles on the front so I remember which notes are where.

As for a planner, I never really stay in sync with them, so what I do is on a sheet of paper, or this year I am thinking about a notebook, I write down what needs to be done and when it is due. Lists help me better than calendars do.

I keep a backpack with me at all times and usually a lunch box. Since I commute to school and there are Monday/Wednesday Classes and  Tuesday/Thursday Classes, I keep my text books in a shelf at my house and then the night before I switch out the books for whatever day it is. This is helpful so I do not have to carry so many books around.

Hopefully this helped with some ways to keep organized in college!


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