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Journaling is a thing many people do, but apparently it is not a word! I like to take any kind of noun and just add “-ing” to it, to make it seem like I am doing something! (For example, I always say I am “Spanishing” for “studying Spanish”). But anyway, I think keeping a journal is an interesting topic. I have tried, and it just does not really work for me. I always never know what to write about, or when I feel like writing about something, I never end up wanting to write about it anyway. With this, I do not feel like I journal, but there are things I do that could be considered close!

Journal for Language Learning:

About a year ago, I thought it was a great idea to buy a journal to practice writing Spanish. This worked, but then school started up and I got busy! A little before the new year, I told myself I would write, in Spanish, everyday for the next year, and so far, I HAVE! I am really proud of this, because usually I give up on things! I write at least a sentence about something that happened that day. I do not write out my whole day, but I write something that was fun, or that I would want to remember. I do not write sad or bad things in it so I can focus on the positive. Journaling for language learning is really a good idea, especially for using the past tense!


Blogging could be considered journaling a little, but for the most part I am just doing this for fun and practice for Language Learning. Which I hope to turn this blog of more Spanish writing in the Fall.

Overall, writing down things I do is just a fun way to remember what went on at a certain time when looking back at what was written.



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