My Favorite Foods


Writing about my favorite places to eat made me want to write down my favorite foods!

  1. Cheese- I thought this was fitting to start with! My favorite cheese is NON SMOKED Provolone! The cheese I probably eat the most is mozzarella. Also Parmesan, Havarti, Colby,Cheddar, and many many more cheeses are amazing! I do not like blue cheese(yes, I have tried it!).
  2. Bread- I really like bread! I like wheat bread, pretzel bread, sour dough bread, and many more. I do eat white bread, but I also call it the “constipated bread”. Bread is basically life, though.
  3. Mustard- My favorite type of mustard is Honey Mustard! I also like Jo Jo’s Sweet Mustard from Jo Jo’s pretzel place thing!
  4. Salad Dressing- My favorite salad dressing is French Dressing. I usually do not eat it on salads, but I like to dip things in it like french fries or chips. I also like to put it on sandwiches!
  5. Pickles- I only like bread and butter pickles in any type of slices.
  6. Potato Salad- Potato Salad is just amazing!
  7. Spinach Dip- My aunt makes the best spinach dip and it is so yummy! It is amazing on Hawaiian Bread!
  8.  Onions- Onions are pretty much my favorite food right now! They are sooo good!
  9. Broccoli- I have a new found love for broccoli! Just put in a pan with olive oil and cook! It’s so good(especially with onions)!
  10. Apples- I eat an apple everyday! I seriously have for the past few years or so!

Obviously I like a lot of other foods, but these are just my favorite, and the ones I eat the most at the moment!


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