Favorite Places to Eat


Here are some of my favorite places to eat and what I order:

  1. Buffets- this could be any buffet, whether it be a brand of buffet or a breakfast at a hotel that has a bunch of food for you to pick from. As a vegetarian, there are not many choices at sit down or fast food restaurants, so a buffet has many options to pick from. Also, buffets do not limit you to one type of food. My favorite buffets are breakfast buffets. I like to pile up a plate with hash browns and top them with onions and cheese! It is soooooo good!
  2. Culver’s-This is a fast food place that originated in Wisconsin. They have some yummy yummy food! My order is grilled cheese and cheese curds. They also have yummy fries and onion rings. The also have the best French dressing ever! The serve frozen custard, which is sooooooo yummy! They have concrete mixers which are so good! Chocolate custard with brownies is a good concrete mixer as well as chocolate custard and raspberry! They also have the flavor of the day, which is just yummy flavors that change everyday!
  3. Panera Bread- I think everyone knows about this place! My order for pastry is a cinnamon roll. They also have good hot chocolate with yummy chocolate chip marshmallow things. As an actual meal, I like their mac and cheese in a sourdough bread bowl with an apple, or a grilled cheese. I usually drink water, but here, they have really good lemonade. Also, cannot forget about the bagels! Their chocolate chip bagel and asiago bagels are super yummy! Also, on Tuesdays you can but 13 bagels from 1/2 off(so five or six dollars!)
  4. El Salto-This one should have been farther up on the list, but this list is not in any order really(besides the buffet being number 1)! I just recently found El Salto and it is by far the best Mexican sit down restaurant ever! They serve warm chips and salsa to begin with and then you order your food. The first few times I got the Vegetarian Fajita’s, which are suuuuuuuuupppppppeeeeeeer yummy! Then I noticed they have Vegetarian Fajita Quesadilla! This is basically the fajita filling stuffed inside a huge tortilla with cheese in the mix AND cheese sauce on top! IT IS SO YUMMY!
  5. Qdoba- Qdoba is my favorite mexican fast food! They have the best burritos! They have lime chips that are good, but their queso dip is the best!
  6. Miller Pizza- This is a home town type of pizza(I am pretty sure) but IT IS MY FAVORITE PIZZA OF ALL TIME! Their stuffed pizza is so good! We just get cheese and sauce on that. We(my familly) also gets a no sauce deep dish pizza because my sister does not like sauce!

These are just some of my favorite places to eat that I go to. I do like other places, but these are really yummy!


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