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How to Pass your Driving Test!


I am nineteen years old, and I just go my license! I got my permit when I was sixteen, but with busy schedules, I was not able to get my license til now. I had to renew my permit, and I will be honest and say I failed the test the first time I got the permit and when I had to renew it, so I took the permit test four times(which I was not too happy about). Before the permit expired last summer, we tried to sign up to take the driving test, but we could not get the 50 hours of driving we need it. I say “we” because both my sister and I got our licenses at the same time. So we just waited another year to take the driving test. Yes, I know, people lie on the sheets and say the did 50 hours, when they really did not, but that was not our case. To be completely honest, it was the best decision to wait so long, because it paid off when we both passed the first time of taking the test.

Helpful hints:

  1. Parallel Parking: We had practiced parallel parking a little before, but we really started practicing hard core about a month before the test. We parallel parked five times every night for two weeks before we had to take our test. This added up to about 60 times parallel parking which really helped! First, we parked in an open parking lot, and then we moved to a parking lot that had a curb we could park up against. This helped because then we had guided lines. Also, you can park in a car space in the parking lot one car space away from the actual curb and pretend there is a car there. Once we got comfortable, we put a car in that car spot and parallel parked behind it. After that we went onto the road and parked behind some cars. When the test came, parallel parking was so easy, even though at the beginning of learning to drive, we thought it would be the hardest. The key is just to practice!
  2. Speed limit: Make sure to go the speed limit. Do no go over. The easiest way to do this is by learning to maintain speed. I was going about one or two under the speed limit, so I knew I would not go over.
  3. Stop signs: Make sure to stop before the stop sign or white line. After that you can pull up to see.
  4. Turning signals: Make sure you know the difference between left and right. This may seem like an easy thing, but when you are in the heat of the moment, you never know what will slip your brain.

Overall, I was pretty nervous for the test. I did not know if I was going to pass, but I had to have the mindset that I would pass. During the actual test it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but your mind will definitely go blank on some of the things. This is where practicing A LOT comes in handy, I felt my muscle memory take over at some points, because it knew what to do when my brain was crowded with nerves! I also had a super nice lady give the test, so that was fun! I think that practicing for three years really helps a lot, instead of just hurrying to get a license.

Just stay calm, because if you practice a lot, you will definitely do well on the test!

Safe driving,


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