How I Picked My College Major


There are many important things to taking into consideration when picking a college major, but the most important by far is picking a major that you LOVE! This will make the college a lot easier and more enjoyable.

As mentioned before, my college major is Spanish. This major has been great for me and I love it. It was really hard to pick a major to be honest and I really did not pick it until the Spring of my senior year of high school. I picked Spanish because I love it! I also feel like my whole life led up to picking Spanish, even if I did not realized it right away. In Elementary school we studied Spanish and to be honest I thought it was boring. It might have just been the way the teacher went around teaching it, but I do remember a lot of what was taught then. In middle school there was not an option to take Spanish. When I got to high school I remember thinking during my freshman year was that my goal was to take all four years of Spanish, and I did. I just feel like the set up in my mind foresaw my future of going to college to be a Spanish major. I feel like I have been learning Spanish all my life and now it is what I am going to be perusing the rest of my life. I still do not know what I want to do with my Spanish major, but with time, I will figure it out.

What would I do if I did not pick Spanish, and why didn’t I choose a different path? All my life there was definitely two other careers I thought I would do. One was a cook, and the other was a teacher. I cut off the cook idea because I have been a vegetarian my whole entire life and the cooking schools obviously want you to taste your food, and since I haven’t ate meat this far in my life, I am not going to start now. This lead me to almost going to pastry school, so I would not have to cook meat. The only one around my house was for an associate degree, and it is really better to have a bachelors degree. Also, cooking and baking is something I am going to do for myself and my family at home anyway, so it is not like I would not be doing that in life. The teaching thing I liked because both of my parents are teachers. I always go help them in their classrooms and I really enjoy it. I could become a Spanish teacher, and I would love it, but I am still not certain about it yet! What I REALLY thought I would major in is Business. I really enjoyed Business classes in high school, but when I settled with Spanish I thought I would minor in business, but for whatever reason, you are “not allowed” to double major in Spanish and Business. So I took the first business class, and hated it. The teacher was horrible and the class did not teach me anything. I feel bad for the actual business majors in that class. So unfortunately, the lead me off the path of minoring in business.

I have tried to look for things to double major in, but I haven’t found anything like right now. I really like Linguistics, too, but my college does not offer that as a major. Right now, I think my path is majoring in Spanish and getting a minor(or maybe major?) in French. My school also offers an associates degree in Latino Studies. I am going to take Intro to Latino Studies in the fall to see if I like it!

Overall, I am so happy with my choice of the Spanish Major! To pick it, I just tried to think about what I love and makes me happy. I also took into consideration what my life has lead me to do up to this point! I am excited for the future!


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