“My” YouTube Channel


As requested by my #1 Fan(my sister), she wanted me to share “our” YouTube Channel with you. I have “my” and “our” in quotation marks because it is really her channel and I am just featured in it. There are many of our family members and friends featured in it as well.

The channel is called “Emybookworm’s Cinema”. A while back it was just called “Emybookworm” but then something happened so the videos got deleted. That is why some of the videos say “reupload” in the title.

There are many different topics on that channel. The is a lot of travel vlogs, in America, and abroad. There are typical “tag” videos, but there are some interesting videos like short films and baking! One of the best videos, is “The Last Call”. It is a short movie about the strange girl, Rebet. It is pretty amazing(as it stars me haha)! But it is still super cool!

Overall, the channel is just a way to have fun and express ourselves. There will be plenty more videos in the future, and if you wish to watch, here is the link to the channel:


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