How I Survived Speech Class & Writing Papers


So going into college, I knew I would have to take a speech class. I avoided taking them in high school because I am a shy piece of cheese! I am way less shy now, and I think speech class helped me with that. Now the Speech class was public speaking, so we had to give lots of presentations. I absolutely hated giving presentations, so I thought that this would be my least favorite class, but it has been my favorite college course yet! There are many reasons for this:

  1. The teacher was super nice and engaged with the students before, during, and after class.
  2. The teacher had us interact with each other a lot, so we got to know each other very well.
  3. At the beginning of the semester there was about 30 students, but then a lot of students dropped out and it became like a constant 15 students that showed up to class each session.

Now, this class had a lot of in class work, while work online, even though it was meant to be a solely an “in class class”. I did complain a lot about the work, but secretly I like things to keep me busy and stressed out (because being bored is just so boring)! Sometimes the directions were not very clear, so it really made you think, and I love a good challenge, so I tired my hardest with each assignment to get the grade I wanted. Overall, the speeches were very good, and pretty interesting.

I included “& Writing Papers” in the title because Speech is basically all writing papers! With outlines, and drafts, there is a lot of writing! I literally cannot write something if it does not make me laugh!

**That is my secret!

My secret for writing is that I need to be able to laugh while doing it! Usually, I try to add humor to the intro and conclusion of my speeches and papers. Not the kind of humor that makes everyone laugh, be the kind that makes me laugh while writing things! Usually it is lame or pun type stuff, but it helps getting me through the boring writing process.

Another thing that helps me with giving speeches is just being me when talking. I think that a lot of people feel like they need to be proper and straightforward, but really its easier to give presentations when you put a little of your self into it!

The last speech we had to give was shoved into the last day because of things that went during the semester. It was a commemorative speech, but I guess I did not understand completely. It said you could do something funny, but it was like a thank you speech for something. Another tip for giving speeches is to go first! Typically, the teacher will grade easier and you do not have time to be nervous, just sitting there! For whatever reason, I did not volunteer to go first for this speech, and as people where going they were commemorating their grandparents, the deceased, or famous people. Here’s where I guess I did not catch on with the topic because I commemorated: … CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! I wrote this beginning kind of serious, but then everyone started laughing, because it was funny and I was laughing. Needless to say, I would have loved to recorded it, but I did not think about it at the moment! But it will still probably be my favorite memory from freshman year of college, if not of all my college experience!

Just remember, giving speeches CAN BE FUN!





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