Freshman Year of College


Here I am just going to write about my Freshman College experience.

Let’s start with the classes first:

I was lucky to be able to receive some college credit through high school. I did not need to take the intro English class and I do not need to take the intro history class. I had some Spanish credit, but I wanted to retake the classes because I did not want to be too far ahead, since Spanish is my major(I will write a different post about how I picked my major). With most of the freshman classes out of the way, I just had to take a math class and a Speech class. I took a basic math class to fulfill that requirement and I took the Speech class everyone has to take. I thought Speech was going to be my least favorite class ever, but it has exactly been my favorite class in my college experience(see the later post “How I Survived Speech Class and Writing Papers”). I also took a second year Spanish class, a business class, and a Canadian Studies Class. I liked my Spanish class and the Canadian class was okay, but I am not one for history, so I found it kind of boring, but still enjoyable. I did not like the business class because the teacher read straight from the book and nobody showed up. Sadly, this lead me to not wanting to continue to pursue a business minor(also because two accounting classes are required and I do not like accounting from my high school class experiences). Those were my Fall Semester Classes and they were pretty great! Some advice for planing your schedule is try to take classes in different areas so you have a variety of classes. If you try to shove all of the same classes into one semester, it could be difficult. For the Spring Semester, I took Geology with geology lab, Music, the next level Spanish, French, and Psychology. Geology was fun and hard, but I received good grades so that is awesome! Music was just a basic music class, but it was still fun. Spanish was fun and so was French! I have found that I do really like French! I also took Psychology which I did not like because the teacher only lectured us and did not put notes, so I found it hard to follow, but I still got the grade I wanted. Overall, that semester was really tough, but I gained a lot of information. I also took some Summer 1 classes, that recently ended. I took Linguistics, which I really enjoyed. I also took a computer class, which I did not enjoy, but I counted as a science, and I do not like science, so I wanted to take a class so I would not have to take bio or chem. These were both online classes. I am not a big fan of online classes, so I do not think I am going to take another if I can avoid it.

School atmosphere:

I attend a college that is near my house, so I live a home. I know most students want to go away to “gain their independence”, but I seriously could not survive school without my family. My freshman year I did not drive yet, so I had to get dropped off early and stay until late afternoon, so I had a lot of time to scoop out the campus. My favorite thing to do when I am not in class, and do not want to study anymore, is go to the vending machines. It is fun to scout them out! There is not too many fun things to do around the campus, so I just study a lot, which is good. The students are very friendly at the college, and it has made me more open with people(as I am shy…but a little bit less now)! The staff and faculty are okay, there will always be those bad cranky apples in the mix, but overall the teachers are very nice, just people in student services and other departments like that could be a little more cheery. I also like that there is room to explore and nobody really cares what you do, as long is its not illegal!

Work and School:

I was lucky to get a job in the library at my college. It is a great way to get to know the professors and students. I think it is important to work during college, not only to make money, but to be able to handle a multitasking life. It also allows students to balance life and get them prepared for life.


Usually I bring my lunch to college, but they do have great choices at the cafeteria. They also have a minicafe in the library, so when I am working and they are baking cookies, its hard not to crave them! 🙂 Also, as mentioned before, the vending machines are fun. A lot of the vending machines are the same, but I found that only a few has the best: Special K Sour cream and onion chips! They are soo good!

Handling a Busy Schedule:

Luckily, the college I go to basically has classes four days a week, so every weekend I have a three day weekend. What is so great is that the weekend feels long, while the week feels short! I study all week long, but on the weekends I like to do things with friends and family! As long as you are doing what you want to do, it is easy for handling a busy schedule.


My favorite way to study is writing things over and over. This is helpful for a Spanish major because there is a lot of memorize and spell, so repetition is key! It is really hard for me to study just by definition or reading, so I try really hard to rewrite the key points of the notes and study those over and over.

I think that is all for my freshman experience! Overall, I had a great freshman year, and really enjoy college! It can be hard at times, but it will create a great future for you!


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